"Giving You Peace of Mind With Your Computer Technology"

In business since 1992



  • Full Computer Service Facility
  • Upgrades
  • Repairs and troubleshooting
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Virus and security protection and clean up
  • Full Data Recovery Services, including Forensics
  • Notebook Computer Repairs (very hard-to-find service)

We have a full complement of technical experts that know how to solve your computer problems in an accurate and timely fashion. You won’t find a bunch of part-time, low-paid kids at our facility. We only employ high grade technical people that understand the importance of effective communications to keeping your life with computer technology peaceful

Smile, we can get your Data back!

Business button media connection computer onlineDon’t worry, MVP Computers has the experience and equipment to get your data back. Our service rescues lost data from your hard drive fast and conveniently. And, we regularly accommodate emergencies. Our technicians have the resources and experience you need to get your data back. And not just on a CD like many data recovery places provide.

We are a computer service company and realize the importance of your data getting back to you IN A USABLE FORMAT. This makes it unnecessary for your staff to spend countless hours trying to re-assemble your data back to its usable formats. If your company has experienced a data loss, stop everything now and call us with your symptoms. This may avoid further complications of your data loss.
Call 805-983-0058 for more details.

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